Developments and technical changes June 17. 2014.

1. NetLock Ltd. will exchange the so-called CIPHER algorithms - used for SSL service - stronger on the Timestamp, CRL (Certificate Revocation List) and OCSP (Online Certificate Status Protocol ) service sites. For testability the transition will be increasingly turned on, applications, software and browsers concerned on the client side are typically include the advanced algorithms. First, on the 19th of June 2014, and addresses are getting migrated and become available for testing purposes. After that, from the first of July the CIPHER exchange will occur on the crl1/ocsp1/ts1 and crl2/ocsp2/ts2 server addresses as well. If you encounter any technical – operational disorder which can be related to the upgrade, please report it to our customer service with the accurate description of the problem.

2. On the 29th of June the former automatic SSL service’s certificate issuer (CN=OnlineSSL Hitelesítő Alegység) – using SHA1 algorithm – in accordance with the general termination of SHA1 algorithm and our previous notifications will expire. For this issuer the OCSP service is becoming gradually inaccessible, the associated OCSP service certificates will already be expired. The revocation check for a certificate form this issuer can be done only by using CRL in the future until the issuer will be permanently shut down. The change affects only those customers, who have certificates from this issuer and didn’t replace it earlier.

3. The NTP (Network Time Protocol) services available through and will be discontiued soon, instead the, and services can be user for further NTP requests.

CityPass to the aid of education February 26. 2013.

The usage dimensions of NetLock's award winning card system - the CityPass - is expanding as it is now used in education, besides its city and university card functions. We have started the "Security solutions of digital identification" course for the second time on the Óbuda University, which grants students a chance to learn about the newest developments in the field of digital identification, thanks to our colleagues.

Netlock hint - SSL: shield in the online space January 16. 2013.

Krisztián Fehér, the product manager of NetLock Ltd. gives you 5 tips to ensure that your data on the Internet is secure.

1. Navigate to the desired site by yourself
If you know the webpage address that you want to visit, enter it manually into your browser instead of clicking on links, which could lead you to malevolent sites.

2. Check the content of the website
Check whether the domain on the address bar complies with the content of the site. By doing this important step you can evade malignant cloned websites, which appear the same as the original site but only want your personal data.

3. Search for the icons that represent SSL security
Search for the padlock icon near the address bar, or the "https://" tag before the address, which both show successful SSL connection.

4. Refresh
Keep your computer and mobile phone up-to-date. Be ready to use the newest technology which service providers update frequently: update your browser and operating system regularly.

5. Check the SSL certificate
You should check the originality of the SSL certificates of websites by clicking on the padlock icon near the address bar. Only certificates issued by trusted certificate-providers should be trusted. If you visit an SSL protected website and get no notification about the acceptance of unknown certificates or about security dangers, you are on a verified site.

NetLock to assume Education authentication services January 08. 2013.

The „Educatio Társadalmi Szolgáltató Nonprofit” Ltd. finished its authentication services on Dec 21, 2012, thus stops issuing provider certificates altogether. The required keeping , issuing and publishing matters of qualified certificate providing services complying with regulations are directed to NetLock Ltd. as a certificate issuer of the same rank as Educatio.

Regulations, revocation lists and issued certificates pertaining to the newly assumed service can be found on the following Internet address: Educatio assumed service

If you possess an Educatio certificate, visit our website, where you can read about packages distributed by us to make data providing towards NSZFI, KIR or FIR easier.

Extreme Digital and G'Roby rely on NetLock December 18. 2012.

It is not a question that there is still potential in e-commerce: more and more retailers have websites, and customers use this form of purchasing more and more eagerly. NetLock Ltd. provides various services for e-commerce users, which improve the usability of webshops. The G'Roby webshop is a good example of this, which secures communication channels of their website with NetLock's SSL certificates since 2004, and Extreme Digital, which uses a NetLock solution for the electronic and authentic keeping of invoices' warrant copies.

IP address changesOctober 25. 2012.

We hereby notify our Customers that due to higher reachability, NetLock Ltd. must change several of its IP addresses (the network ID number of web addresses). This change may effect our Customers who use our products and software.

NetLock keeps Educatio certificatesOctober 19. 2012.

The „Educatio Társadalmi Szolgáltató Nonprofit” Ltd. finishes its authentication services expectedly on Dec 21 2012, thus stops issuing provider certificates altogether. The required keeping and publishing matters will be directed to NetLock Ltd. We hereby call the attention of institutions that certificates connected to electronic signatures for KIR, FIR and NSZFI reports usable in public administration can be requested at: from now on.

NetLock card system at university of Győr (SZIE)October 17. 2012.

NetLock Ltd. won the tender to implement a centrally controlled intelligent card system at the Győr based Széchenyi István University. Our company applied as the subcontractor of Océ-Hungária Ltd. for the task of the procurement procedure. Starting from this September, nearly 1000 lecturers, guest-lecturers and university employees can enjoy the advantages of the CityPass multifunctional card system developed by NetLock Ltd. According to the plans, the cards will be available for use to more than 4000 students from the spring semester.

Official showcase event of NetLock qualified certificatesSeptember 19. 2012.

NetLock showcased its discount qualified certificate packages in a Zalaegerszeg promotion event, to the local government representatives of the state. Those invited could get acquainted with the electronic administration solutions of NetLock, which offer an easy and authentic way to send records and regulations electronically, instead of using the traditional paper-based method. The event was a success, attended by 111 of the region's notaries, district clerks, and majors.

Electronic signature in Outlook 2010 mailing clientSeptember 14. 2012.

In Outlook 2010 - the newest version of Microsoft’s popular mailing program, setting an encryption certificate is required in case signing certificates are stored on key storing devices (chip cards, USB tokens, etc.) for electronic signing – without it, the mailing client gives an “Invalid certificate” error message.

NetLock Ltd. opens new market for SSL certificatesJuly 23. 2012.

NetLock Ltd. has started to sell SSL certificates as a reseller – being first of all domestic issuers. The new partnership network allows for even more people to extend their range of services with authentication. The SSL service of NetLock is currently available at 7 companies: DotRoll Ltd., Giganet Internet Szolgáltató Ltd., IT Anywhere Ltd., Lunir Ltd., Rackhost Ltd., Tandofer Ltd. and 23VNet Ltd., though more partners are planned to extend the current network with.

NetLock eBilling solution for Radio Tele5 Taxi companyJune 13. 2012.

Rádió Tele5 Taxi chose the invoicing method of NetLock Ltd., making the process of their formail receipts faster and more accurate. The solution implemented by NetLock guarantees the authentic archiving and storing of paper-based invoice copies as well as electronic invoicing.

The "black box" of gambling machines is in the makingMay 22. 2012.

According to the new gambling legislation, gambling providers must make significant changes in their systems to conform to new uniquely certified and strict security requirements. Our company provides ready transaction server solution with the upgraded CryptoServer, which is currently being audited. By using CryptoServer, every gambling machine can be connected to a central transaction server - in accordance with the requirements."

Citypass system claims acknowledgement from Hungarian Innovation Grand Prize juryMay 02. 2012.

The XX. Hungarian Innovation Grand Prize jubilee jury acknowledged the NetLock Ltd. for the "Citypass intelligent social card system" innovation, which was developed in 2011. Today, several thousands of people use the CityPass card system in public transportation and many use it as university card. Based on estimates, significant turnover growth is expected in our company - just as in last year.

The distribution of e-invoice (e-szamla) can depend on small and medium-sized enterprisesApril 04. 2012.

Although the leaders of domestic companies have started to discover the advantages of electronic invoicing, the SMEs (mostly) still stick to the traditional paper-based invoicing processes. Our company knows that developing and releasing free e-invoice systems for SMEs, which do not have to be separately installed and could be integrated into corporate governance would significantly improve the chances of the spreading and distributing electronic invoicing.

Companies using the Octopus 8 corporate governing system have already been enjoying the advantages of this new technology, as the system is available with electronic invoicing module thanks to NetLock Ltd.’s solution.

Successful change of SHA256 certificatesJanuary 17. 2012.

NetLock Ltd., observing the deadline of December 31, 2011 has successfully replaced all of its earlier issued certificates at its concerned customers with certificates using the safer SHA-256 algorithms, for free. The new SHA-256 type cryptographic hash algorithms provide stronger authentication than the previous ones, making disassembling virtually impossible.

Replacement of SHA-256 certificatesDecember 21. 2011.

Certificate news: complying with the coming Algorithm legislation entering into force on January 1, 2012 by NMECA, the issuance of certificates with SHA-256 hashing algorithms has been completed. The revocation of old (SHA-1) certificates will expectedly take place on December 28, 2011.

We kindly ask our Customers who are affected by certification replacement to execute the replacement process by following the previously released guide for the sake of trouble-free replacement. It is important that the old certificates cannot be used starting from the day of the revocation, though the certificates can still be changed. We kindly ask our customers to only contact our support staff in case the certificate replacement is unsuccessful after following the instructions of the guide. Thank you for your co-operation.

New regulation affecting qualified certificates (SHA-1 > SHA-256)December 02. 2011.

Complying with the so-called Algorithm regulation of January 1, 2012 by National Media and Electronic Communications Authority (NMECA), at certificate owners possessing certificates created by SHA-1 hash algorithms, certificate replacement is required. The new certificates will use the newer and more secure SHA-256 hash algorithms. We will inform our customers of the process of certificate replacement by e-mail.

The current certificates can only be used until December 31, 2011.

The changes described above are required due to recent informatic and cryptographic developments. We kindly ask our customers for their patience and co-operation so that this technical change can be made quick and fluently.

CityPass, community card system of NetLock makes a hit in Szolnok and DebrecenJuly 07. 2011.

As the head of a multilateral consortium, NetLock Ltd. has developed community card system CityPass. At present, trial run takes place successfully in two Hungarian cities. The community card system was implemented first by the University of Debrecen with the participation of 2,000 students and employees. In Szolnok the trial run of the card system was started within the framework of the T-City Program under the name T-City Szolnok CityPass.

NetLock authenticates digital tachograph cards further onJune 07. 2011.

NetLock and the Hungarian Banknote Printing Company, Pénzjegynyomda Zrt. won again together the tender of the National Transport Authority on manufacturing and personalizing 39,000 and optionally further 11,700 digital tachograph cards as well as providing the related services. In the framework of the agreement the two companies are expected to issue 700 inspector, 700 workshop, 3,300 operator and 34,300 driver cards during the next three years.

NetLock launched qualified e-Archiving serviceApril 28. 2011.

NetLock Ltd. started its full qualified e-Archiving service providing a platform-independent and secure archiving solution accessible through a web interface. E-Archiving provides a cost-effective method for the companies to store the authentic electronic business documents (invoices, proofs, certificates, confidential materials etc.) in the long run and keep their authenticity continuously. Furthermore, unnecessary paper usage and environmental load can be reduced due to the service.


NetLock key length changeJanuary 06. 2011.

According to the recommendations and regulations of NIST, RFC, National Media and Infocommunications Authority, Microsoft and Mozilla NetLock Ltd. is allowed to issue only certificates with at least 2048 bit key size (or an equivalent other algorithm) from January 1, 2011. On the basis of the above provisions no certificates can be issued for an RSA 1024 bit key pair further on.

We call your attention that further significant changes are expected in the near future in connection with the above developments. We will keep you well informed.

NetLock launched e-Archiving serviceDecember 15. 2010.

After a transitional incubation period NetLock Ltd. started its real qualified electronic archiving (e-Archiving) service on December 15, 2010.

In the frame of the service NetLock undertakes to archive (preserve) electronic documents in the long run (for several years or decades). This is the ideal solution when the given documents contain very sensitive data or their preserVATion is critical from the point of view of legal certainty. In addition to the safe keeping of the documents NetLock guarantees that the digital signatures on the preserved documents will keep their authenticity in the long run and their content will not be available for unauthorized persons.

For more information on qualified archiving service, see:

The new root certificate of NetLock available in Mozilla FirefoxNovember 30. 2010.

The root certificate of NetLock with a new certification algorithm is available already in Mozilla Firefox browser also. The Certificate Authority with 2048 bit key length and SHA-256 cryptographic algorithm corresponds to the ultimate cryptographic recommendations and standards as well as the regulations of the National Media and Communications Authority.

Tools for e-administration are available also at the Hungarian Chambers of Commerce & IndustryNovember 16. 2010.

We proudly inform our existing and potential customers that NetLock products and services will be available soon in almost every county town due to the special agreements with the Hungarian Chambers of Commerce & Industry. This opportunity provides several benefits and discounts also for the members of the Chambers of Commerce & Industry. So far the Chambers of Fejér, Győr-Moson-Sopron, Heves, Baranya and Hajdú-Bihar Counties have joined the initiative.

E-invoicing at TESCOOctober 27. 2010.

In cooperation with HABEL Hungary Ltd. NetLock introduced an authentic electronic document management system at Tesco. By means of this solution 3.5 million documents will be digitalized, authenticated (authentic conversion) and archived electronically retroactively. The use of the system makes a more cost-efficient, transparent and environment aware operation possible for Tesco, the first company realizing full electronic document management in the Hungarian FMCG sector.

September 15 11.00 - Meeting in London, members' meeting in BudapestSeptember 14. 2010.

We proudly announce our e-Meeting service the only one of its kind in the world. Thanks to this new service the companies may hold General Meetings and Assemblies without personal presence. It considerably simplifies and makes more effective these events for companies and non-profit organizations. The proceedings will be electronically authenticated and made available by the service provider. The development was executed within the framework of the Economic Development Operational Programme of the National Development Agency.

In connection with the announcement NetLock held a press conference and professional conference in Hotel Gellért from 11:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on September 15, 2010.

NetLock takes over authentication services from Magyar TelekomJuly 01. 2010.

In compliance with the relevant legal act Netlock Ltd., leading electronic authentication service provider in Hungary and Magyar Telekom concluded an agreement by which NetLock takes over Telekom authentication services “e-Szignó”, keeps all the documents and publishes the advanced and qualified Telekom certificates, revocation lists, statements. By this step NetLock strengthens its market position and the authentication services market will become more concentrated.

Electronic order for payment procedureMay 07. 2010.

On the basis of Act L of 2009 on the order for payment procedure legal persons and parties with legal representatives shall submit requests for order for payment only electronically through the system of the Hungarian Chamber of Civil Law Notaries on a special form supplied with qualified electronic signature and qualified time stamp since June 1, 2010. In addition to the electronic way, private individuals may submit the requests in written or oral form further on, however registration in the system of Hungarian Chamber of Civil Law Notaries is needed even in this case.

Service of NetLock Kft. opens new opportunities for simple and quick handling as well as mass authentication and delivery of electronic orders for payment; furthermore offers a solution for full electronic order for payment and execution workflow service.

If you need further information on this service, please contact us at e-mail address or + 36 (40) 22 55 22 phone number.

Further information on the order for payment procedure

New E-invoice module for Microsoft Dynamics NAV enterprise managing systemsApril 20. 2010.

As a result of the cooperation between NetLock and ECOBIT Ltd. electronic invoice issuing and keeping the issuer’s copy are available in Microsoft Dynamics NAV system. The new E-invoice module complements the basic services of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, can be wholly integrated into the enterprise managing system and substitutes the paper-based invoicing for electronic invoicing in harmony with the regulations. This application reduces costs of work, paper, printing, storage and postage as well as waste of time connected with delivery. Depending on the unique demands, installation of the E-invoice module takes 3–5 days.

Event of the Association for E-commerceApril 01. 2010.

Association for E-commerce, an organization of the Hungarian companies and experts for electronic – mainly Internet – commerce held a professional evening on the situation and market alternatives of electronic invoicing and authentication in Hungary. NetLock Ltd. delivered a successful presentation for the about 50 participants on the business advantages and legal background of electronic invoicing. Besides determining the future directions of development, the participants of the event searched answers to important questions including how introduction of electronic invoicing can help Hungarian companies in preserving their competitiveness and overcoming economic recession.

Simple and cheap client-side archiving solution for electronic corporate proceduresJanuary 06. 2010.

NetLock Ltd. developed a new archiving software for lawyers. By means of this software mass authentication and archiving of electronic documents created in corporate procedures can be performed in some minutes in harmony with the regulations. The ARCHER client-side archiving solution makes possible to archive these *.dosszie, *.es3 and *.et3 electronic documents in a simple and cost effective way. Its main advantage is that it can help in saving even several thousand forints per month – depending on the quantity of the documents to be archived –, since the rather expensive archiving services of an external service provider will not be needed any more.

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