About timestamping

Within the framework of the time stamp service, the NetLock Ltd., as a time stamp provider, assigns authoritative time to electronic documents.

Due to the nature of this technology, during time stamping the independent time stamp provider works solely with an imprint of the time stamped document from which the original document cannot be restored either fully or partially. Thus, it is ensured that the content of the document will not be known by the service provider.

n the course of time stamping, the independent time stamp provider assigns reference time, calculated on the basis of times from two independent atomic watches, to the above mentioned imprint submitted by the client, then returns it authenticated by its own electronic signature.

Legal effects

On the basis of the relevant regulations of the Act XXXV/2001 on the electronic signature, the advanced documents, as well as any electronic document with a qualified time stamp prove with the legal consequences of committing to writing and with conclusive evidence, respectively, that the given document existed already in the moment of time stamping and its content has not been changed since time stamping.

The potential users of time stamping are as follows: brokerage firms, banks, insurance companies, accounting houses, on-line commercial houses, electronic market places, archiving companies, enterprises dealing with electronic invoicing.

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